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How Legion Athletics Dominates the Subscription Game

This supplement provider never skips leg day

Mike Matthews founded Legion Athletics because he was tired of all the sports science shenanigans. Different workouts, flashy pills – we’ve all tried them, and they don’t work. Mike went through the same process trying to train and be healthy yet nothing seemed to work. He then set out to do what many people do […]

Are Your Product Bundles Subscription Ready? 3 Examples of Bundle Offers & Subscriber Discounts

Can supplement stacks, quantity discounts and customized bundles be subscription-friendly?

While shopping on your favorite sites, you’re very likely to see offers like “Bundle and save”, “Works better together”, or “Buy 2+ for a bigger discount”. Product bundles and volume discounts have become popular offers due to their promise of increased value to customers and their effects on average order value (AOV) & increased revenue […]